Site round up for #ICTD2017

Site round up for #ICTD2017

We are delighted to be in an industry that contributes to the health and wellbeing of patients at a time when patient engagement in trials have never been more important!

Our team was at Fleetwood raising awareness of Clinical Trials Day! We not only gave away educational materials but also invited people to leave their thoughts about research on our lemon tree! 🍋

In addition to our events across Glasgow, we were celebrating International Clinical Trials Day at our sites too! We gave away some citrus fruits to our patients and staff, aiming to raise the awareness of clinical trials and how clinical trials can contribute for the future of health.

Our community awareness team not only hosted many events across this area but also promoted our teams who won awards! Thanks to our professional staff, patients can experience high-quality experience when they are with Synexus.

Other sites 

Apart from the above, all other sites and teams have had fantastic engagement with the communities. If you do not want to miss out any opportunity chatting with us, please follow us on Facebook, where we announce our upcoming activities.

Victorias at synexus

If you are interested to take part, please visit here to see how to take part, or get more information about what are clinical studies, our clinic locations, what other patients say and FAQ.
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