Professional partnering

We realise that not all GP’s are able to commit time to clinical trials but still want to give their patients access to the potential benefits. Synexus makes it as easy as possible to collaborate and find suitable patient volunteers.

Synexus prides itself on providing high-quality care to our clinical trial volunteers, and the delivery of high-quality clinical data. We conduct clinical trials at 9 sites in the UK, each with its own dedicated team of doctors and nurses.

We also have sites in Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, and South Africa, where our global reputation is growing rapidly, and work with healthcare professionals globally.

Our focus in the conduct of Phase II to IV clinical trial research means we have amassed a huge amount of specialised experience over the years. As we are involved in later phase trials, we assess how medication affects the people it is intended to treat.


How it works

We focus on developing mutually beneficial relationships with GP’s so that their patients can gain access to clinical trials without them having to spend time managing the study. The conduct of the clinical trial is not the responsibility of the GP, so the impact it has on the workload of the surgery is kept to a minimum. With their cooperation, we really are able to move medicine forward.

Synexus is commissioned to deliver a new clinical trial and obtains all appropriate ethical approval.

Synexus Clinical Relations Team liaises with partner practices to obtain agreement to participate in the clinical trial.

GP partners search their database for appropriate patients (these are generally basic searches, based primarily on gender, age and medical condition) and relay that information back to Synexus.

GP’s patients are sent an ethically approved letter introducing them to the clinical trial and asking them to contact Synexus should they be interested.

Patient choice is integral to the process. After all, it is the patient who decides to contact Synexus directly should they be interested in clinical trial participation.

If a patient is accepted onto the clinical trial, we will ask you to confirm your patient’s medical background, and you will be compensated for time spent doing this.

Any relevant test results are communicated with the GP practice to ensure they have the most up to date records.

Benefits to the GP's

When partnering with Synexus, GP’s can be confident that they are playing a part in the advance of medicine. Our staff are highly trained and their level of professionalism is renowned. We prioritise safety above all else and our years of experience makes us ideally placed to handle all kinds of clinical studies. GP surgeries will receive copies of any notable patient results; some results could contribute towards QOF points, for example, HbA1c results. We inform GP’s at every landmark stage of the process.

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Benefits to the patients

We extend the level of care for GP’s patients and offer medical screenings at no cost to them. We are regulated by the MHRA and everything we offer has been ethically approved. Depending on the clinical trial, the medical screening could include such elements as a physical examination, blood and urine tests, ECG, ultrasound scans, X-Rays, DEXA scans and mammography. All transport costs are reimbursed or patients are collected and returned home via taxi, at no cost to them. We also provide complimentary breakfasts for patients who have had fasting appointments.

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