Memory Loss

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I am aged 50+


I have memory problems



Your brain stores information and when you remember something, you pull the information from your memory. But your memory doesn’t always work perfectly. As people grow older it may take longer to remember something and it is normal to forget things. For example, to forget a name, where we have put something, if we switched off the oven or locked the door. Older people who become more forgetful than others of their age may have “mild cognitive impairment”.

If you or someone you know has memory problems, we invite you to find out more about clinical trials into these conditions.

Memory problems

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All study care will be provided at no cost to yourself. We can also help you transport to and from one of our dedicated clinics.

Join our experienced team of highly trained staff and help us understand medical conditions that blight the lives of millions worldwide. As one of the largest and most recognised clinical study organisations in the world, Synexus provides a friendly relaxed environment where you have the opportunity to help others and maybe also yourself.

We are sure you probably have more questions about the study, and we would be happy to take the time to give you more details.

All Synexus studies are approved by an independent ethics committee.

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