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Bridie Rowbotham

Clinic Manager

"Hello, my name is Bridie Rowbotham and I am the Manager at the Midlands Clinical Research Centre. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and if you have any questions feel free to contact me or anyone in our Centre Team."

 A city beating at the heart of the country.

The Midlands Clinic was formed as a ‘super clinic’ from three smaller clinics, giving the opportunity for excellent in-house facilities, and very local off-site facilities. 

The University campus was selected because of its spacious, landscaped feel. More importantly, it has exceptional facilities, with free car parking adjacent to the Clinic, a railway station at the bottom of the car park, bus routes from the city centre, and airport access only 30 minutes away. 

The whole team is keen to welcome you to a facility they are proud of.

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Birmingham Research Park
Vincent Drive
B15 2SQ Birmingham

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"I've taken part in a number of studies with Synexus. I worked in the caring profession for 50 years so I know how important clinical studies are. I've always found the staff at the clinic to be very helpful. Having transport to the clinic was a great bonus for me since a knee operation meant I found it difficult to walk very far or use public transport. I'd be interested in joining another study in the future and would not hesitate to recommend Synexus to my friends and family."

Ann Stewart

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