International Clinical Trials Day 2016 – Part 2

International Clinical Trials Day 2016 – Part 2

It was International Clinical Trials Day on Friday 20th May. On this day Synexus celebrated James Lind’s first clinical trial in 1747 where a treatment for scurvy was found… in citrus fruits! (Read our blog for more info)

As a day we celebrate every year, all of the UK clinics where provided with balloons and posters to display during the day. The clinics where also given packed lemons and oranges featuring educational content to give away to our patients.

Dr Christian Jessen (As seen on TV) helped us raise awareness throughout the week by tweeting on Twitter and posting on Facebook. Take a look at a few of his tweets below.

We asked all of our followers on social media to bit into a lemon and send us their lemon selfie. We got a few funny photos from our Synexus staff and Dr Christian even took part! #LemonSelfie

We would like to thank all the Synexus UK staff for getting involved and helping us celebrate ‪#‎ICTD2016‬.

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