AWARE for ALL Event 7th March 2016, Camden Centre London

AWARE for ALL Event 7th March 2016, Camden Centre London

The AWARE for ALL event was created by the CISCRP Organisation to promote and increase public awareness of clinical trials, while thanking patients for their involvement by giving them a platform to tell their story. The CISCRP (Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation) organisation has worked tirelessly to push the public bounds of public knowledge and spread information about the benefits of trials to everyday people, how they can become involved, and how truly valuable the humble act of contributing to medical research really is.
AWARE for ALL had its debut in London, and Synexus was in attendance as exhibitors and advocates of the great work CISCRP does.

The Synexus exhibition stand was bustling with activity throughout the evening, and we were honoured to share our positivity and enthusiasm for our work with members of the public, doctors and fellow exhibitors.

The evening progressed into talks from esteemed medical academics and most importantly, members of the public who feel that their lives have been made better through their involvement in clinical research.   These stories were truly inspirational.   One patient explained that he was caring for his wife, but during this time had neglected his own health. As a result he was diagnosed with severe breathing difficulties and sleep apnoea which left him unwell and unable to care for his wife or grand-children to the extent that he would have liked. Currently trialling a breathing device, he told how he feels special and cared for, appreciates the regular health checks – or MOTs as he called them, and he was enthusiastic about encouraging others to play their part in helping to move medicine forward.

Clinical trials do not just give an individual a feel of control over their own health; participation means that people all over the world can enjoy a healthier future.

Synexus would like to thank all of our volunteers for their participation in clinical research.  Without you, many conditions and illnesses today would not be treatable, and we would be without hope of finding new medications for conditions for which there is still an unmet medical need, for example dementia.

Synexus would like to thank CISCRP the event and our participation.

Kavir Athimoolam

Patient Engagement Coordinator

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