Making a Complaint

Synexus upholds high standards of professionalism and integrity in all areas of care and takes seriously any complaints from patients. We recognise the need to be responsive when these standards of care are not met due to concerns raised by patients (or staff). In particular, we will:

  • operate a transparent and fair complaints procedure;
  • treat all complaints seriously and confidentially, only involving individuals as required; and
  • provide a high quality, accessible and responsive service.

In the first instance we ask that you to try to resolve your complaint directly at site by discussing it with the Site Manager. If the matter remains unresolved and you wish to escalate your complaint please follow the processes outlined below:

  1. The complaint must be made in writing, by either email or letter.
  2. Any telephone call to raise a complaint will need to be followed up in writing by either email or letter. The complaint cannot be investigated unless it is received in writing.

In writing: to the Site Manager of the site you attended for your appointment/visit. Please use the address for the site and address it either by name or title to the SITE MANAGER.

By Email: please ask for the email of the SITE MANAGER at the site you attended or use [email protected]

To help us deal with any complaint, it would be helpful to include the following information:

  • The date your complaint arose and the date you are initially reporting the complaint;
  • Whether this is a first-time complaint or a follow-up to an earlier complaint that was not dealt with satisfactorily;
  • A clear description of the complaint, the names of any staff you spoke to at the time including details of the discussion, plus what you consider should be done;
  • Your full contact details, including a phone number and e-mail address or address for correspondence.

In all cases, Synexus will send an acknowledgement letter/email to the complainant stating a timeline for the investigation and full response. We endeavour to complete the investigation and provide a full and formal response within 21 days. If this cannot be completed, an explanation will be provided to the complainant.

If the involvement of a third party independent contact is considered helpful, the UK Director Medical Operations should be consulted using the email address provided above marked “FAO Director Medical Operations (UK)”.