GDPR – New information on your data protection rights

Patient Privacy Notice

You have expressed an interest in taking part in a clinical trial. In order that we may match you to an appropriate study, we would like to hold personal information about you in our database. This will include basic information including your name, contact details, gender, height and weight, as well as information on your medical history.  In addition to screening you for appropriate studies, your information may also be used for more general analysis to support the management of clinical trial patient recruitment.  Affiliated companies of Synexus, including PPD and Acurian, may also access your records for these purposes.

Under European data protection law (General Data Protection Regulation), Synexus Polska Sp Z o.o., as the company’s leading EU affiliate for data protection purposes, together with its affiliated EU group companies, are responsible for how your information is collected, used and disclosed and are together considered to be the “Controller”.  Synexus has appointed a Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) to supervise compliance with this law, who can be contacted via your primary contact.

You have the right to access all the information collected about you and, if applicable, ask for corrections.  In certain circumstances you have the additional right to object to how your information is being handled, request deletion of your data, and restrict aspects of the processing of your information, or request transmission of your data in a common electronic format to yourself or another party.  You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your information, at which point your profile held on our systems will be deleted. You may exercise any of the above rights through the DPO.

You also have the right to complain about how your information is handled to a supervisory authority that is responsible for enforcing data protection law.  A list of supervisory authorities is available here:

Recipients of your information may be in countries that do not provide the same standard of legal protection for your information as in your country, raising the risk that you will not be able to enforce the above rights and recipient organisations may not be legally required to fully secure your data.  International recipients of your information may have signed special contracts to provide legal protection for your transferred information (e.g. so called “Standard Data Protection Clauses”).  In any event, all parties involved in the management of your personal data are required to maintain your confidentiality.

We’ll keep your data in our database for 20 years. However, at any time, you can ask that Synexus stops contacting you. To do so, please contact the DPO.

We can only include you in our database, and match with any appropriate study, by collecting and using personal information as described in this form; therefore you may only be entered into our database if you agree to the collection and use of your information as described here.

If you have any questions, comments or complaints about how your information is handled in this study, or wish to obtain a copy of the Standard Data Protection Clauses, you should contact the DPO either via email at [email protected] or via post to Data Protection Officer, Privacy Department, Granta Park Cambridge, CB21 6GQ, United Kingdom.


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