More variants will emerge. Let’s Be Ready.

Full primary vaccination and a booster shot offer crucial protection against COVID-19, no matter what name it goes by. However, “It’s possible that new variants could evade our countermeasures and become fully resistant to current vaccines or past infection, necessitating vaccine adaptations.”

Right now, our researchers are seeking participants to join studies for vaccine boosters that could help our bodies resist breakthrough infections. If you’ve received your primary vaccination, you may be eligible.

Together, we have the potential to help the scientific community as it strives to develop the next generation of vaccines and vaccine boosters. See if you qualify for trials today.

What are clinical trials?

Clinical trials are medical research studies that test investigational drugs and treatments.

People may not give much thought to clinical research, but everything from aspirin to chemotherapy has been carefully tested before being prescribed by your doctor.

Clinical trials need human volunteers, who participate under the supervision of a doctor and/or health professionals. As the trial goes on, the doctors gather more and more information about the drug or treatment under investigation. It is only through clinical trials that we learn if drugs and treatments are both effective and safe.

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Dedicated to conducting clinical trials, Synexus have been investigating the effectiveness of new medicines and treatments for more than 25 years. We have vast experience in conducting clinical research with over 180 sites around the world. Each has its own dedicated team of highly trained doctors and nurses to provide our patients with the highest level of comfort and professionalism.

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