Synexus Clinical Research, A Patient’s Story

Synexus Clinical Research, A Patient’s Story

Synexus Clinical Research are proud of their relationship with their loyal volunteers. The advancements in medicine would not be possible without individuals who are willing to take part in research.

Kieran, a member of the UK Patient Engagement Team, recently spent some time with a Mrs Sylvie Turner, a Synexus volunteer who wanted to share her story with others who may have considered taking part in a clinical trial themselves.

Sylvie, an active member of her local community explained why and how she first got involved with Synexus; “I am a great believer in giving praise where it’s due, too many people complain of bad service but rarely commend good experiences. I was initially asked by my GP if I would be interested in taking part in Synexus Clinical research, as a retired Nurse I am always interested in anything that could help make the world a healthier place for my grandchildren to live in.”

Mrs Turner, who attends her study visit’s the Midlands Clinic went on to highlight the ease of the study visits, “The visits to the Synexus clinic are seamless, I am collected and dropped off by a local taxi firm, occasionally sharing the journey with another lady who lives in the same village as myself.”

When asked about how much of her time is taken up being a volunteer on a Synexus Clinical Trial, Mrs Turner then went on to describe her experience, “At the start of the Clinical study my visits were once or twice a week but eventually the visits’ frequency reduced and now it’s only every couple of months. All staff, from the ‘tea lady’ to the Consultant are very friendly and professional. I have also made a few new friends whilst sitting in the waiting room. 

Naturally, volunteers have questions around the safety of new medication. The majority of Synexus Research that is conducted is what’s known as late-phase research, meaning the drug used in the research has previously gone through previous testing. “I have nothing but praise for the whole interaction and I am more than happy to help develop new drugs knowing that they have had previous safety tests long before we get the opportunity to help.”

“Someone has to develop and improve medicine and anything I can do to help is my pleasure – after all it is good to know I am contributing to the future of medicine. Thank you for all that you do”.

The Patient Engagement Team would like to thank Sylvie for sharing her story.


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