Endometriosis – You are not alone

To enable us to assess your suitability for upcoming clinical trials please answer the following questions:


I was diagnosed with endometriosis


I had a surgical procedure (this might include- laparoscopy, laparotomy, ultrasound) to diagnose my endometriosis


Do you have regular menstrual cycles, meaning that you get your period each month on a predictable schedule?


Do you experience pelvic pain during your menstrual period and at other times, when you do not have your period?



You may be interested to know that we are looking for volunteers to take part in clinical trials at NHS hospitals for endometriosis-related pain.

1 in 10 women of reproductive age in the UK suffer from endometriosis. In fact, 176 million women have endometriosis worldwide

If you live with endometriosis, you will know the pain impacts your ability to complete daily activities. If this is you, we invite you to find out more about clinical trials into this condition.

Together for the future of health

Diagnosed Endometriosis

Why take part?

Join our community and help us understand medical conditions that blight the lives of millions worldwide. We can also help with transport to and from our clinics, or reimburse you for reasonable travel expenses.

As one of the largest and most recognised clinical study organisations in the world, Synexus provides a friendly relaxed environment where you have the opportunity to help others and maybe also yourself.

Recruiting at the following NHS hospital locations

  • St Michael’s Hospital, Southwell Street, Bristol, BS2 8EG
  • Nottingham NHS Treatment Centre, Lister Road, Nottingham, NG7 2FT

All studies are approved by an independent ethics committee

The following recruiting Synexus sites are closest to these hospitals

Recruiting at the following locations

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Wales Quick view

Still unsure?

Feel free to call us on 0800 027 2269 to find out more about this study.


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