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Surjeet Singh

Clinic Manager

"Hello, my name is Surjeet Singh and I am the Clinical Research Site Manager at the Thames Valley Research Site. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I invite you to read more about your clinic below and I look forward to welcoming you here in the near future. Prior to joining Synexus, I was the Operational Lead for the Surgical Intervention Trials Unit (SITU) at the University of Oxford. I have over 10 years’ experience in clinical research and trials and have worked in both the academic and pharmaceutical settings. I have a PhD in Non-Viral Gene Delivery from the University of Birmingham. I am also an expert member of the Oxford C Ethics Committee. "

We opened our prestigious Thames Valley Clinic at Worton Grange, Reading in November 2007. This move enabled us to expand our excellent in-house resources.

We are also close to facilities which provide X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans and any other out-sourced procedures required by the various clinical studies we conduct.

The Clinic is less than a mile from Junction 11 on the M4 and complimentary patient parking is available at the front and rear of the Centre.

The Synexus team is keen to welcome you to a facility we are proud of.

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Wellington House
Worton Drive
Worton Grange
RG2 0TG Reading

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"I volunteered after hearing a radio advert about a Synexus Hypertension study. Whilst taking part I found the staff and the service at the clinic to be really excellent. I had never taken part in a clinical study before, but my positive experience led me to volunteer for another study and I'm still actively taking part today."

John Hughes

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