International Clinical Trials Day 2016

International Clinical Trials Day 2016

Hello from the Patient Engagement Team!

This week is really important to us, we are raising awareness all week as its International clinical trials day on 20th May 2016. So, we celebrate this day every year in our clinics and raise a ‘cuppa’ to James Lind, a Scottish naval surgeon who conducted the first ever clinical trial many years ago (about 200 we think!).

The story goes that men on his ship were suffering pretty badly with scurvy and he wanted to find a treatment. So, he gave them different foods, from cider to oranges and lemons. 6 days in, Lind noticed that those eating the fruit seemed to be getting better. The upshot – He’d found a clear link between vitamin C and its role in the treatment and prevention of scurvy. Clever, don’t you think?

Things have changed a lot since 1747, but let’s remember; without Lind, we wouldn’t be writing this blog, you wouldn’t be reading it and Synexus couldn’t be the patients choice for clinical research. His experiment means our medical teams can investigate the effectiveness of new medicines, and have been able to do for the last 20 years! Thanks to our wonderful patients, we have a lot to celebrate. 9,508 patients are currently taking part in 103 Synexus studies. (I think that’s pretty impressive).

Anyway, back to the celebrations… We will keep you posted throughout the week with what our teams are up to and most importantly, how they are thanking our patients! Look out for us on Facebook!









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